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Funki-B Promotions

Over the passed ten years within the club/dancewear trade Funki-B (formerly FB Clubwear) have worked with a wide variety of dancers, models, promo girls, wrestlers and singers.

We can offer you a personal one on one service to work with you on your design ideas and ultimately bring you creations to life.
All our items can be personalized to your own taste.


Digital Dolls

Digital Dolls Sponsorship.
We sponsored US banced dance team Digital Dolls.
Offering them customized/unique outfits.
Must say.. our hussiz fluffies look awesome on this vid >>


Working alongside TENZA.
UK based Reggae artist.
Tenza has creative style and a very unique image.
Check her videos >>


UK based male model. Known for his wild style and shocking imagery.
We worked together to create some very eye catching outfits.

Stage Invaders

Stage Invaders Dancers and Entertainers.
Lovely group of ladies with endless talent.
Visit their page.

HTID Dancers

Exclusive designs for the Htid and Slamming Vinyl Dance team.
Personalized with logos.


Justine is our very talented promo girl and model. Based in the USA.

Racing Dolls

Working with UK based grid girl team the racing dolls. Unique personalised promotional wear.

RaverScape Team

The raverscape team work alongside some of the biggerst events in the country to give you an uplifting night out.
Merchandise, party balloons, face painting. photographers, Dancers, ticket sales, promo and much more.

To book these for your event you can contact them here