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Customer Pics

Welcome to FunkiB's customer gallery.

Here you will see some of the work we have done for many different occasions.

Not only do we offer a unique personalisation service for hen nights, birthdays or a regular night on the town, we have also worked with danceteams, reggae artists, models, singer song writers and grid girls worldwide.

If you wish to see yourself in this gallery please email us at and we will gladly post your picture :)

Ashalee and friend. Branded racer outfits made for the racewall dolls.
Slammin Vinyl and HTID Dance team. Own logo's branded onto the front of their outfits, also made by FunkiB.
ENVY gogo girls. US based dance team, personalised their tee shirts with their dance troop name.
Taeler Hendrix. US female wrestler. Has her outfits branded with her name.
Girls looking FAB in their Branded outfits.
Ruca in her personalised outfits.
Roxy and Steph with their own logo branded bras.
HTID dancer in our Adrenaline suit
Taeler Hendrix American Wrestler
Tenza International Reggae artist
Hailee (Bacardi) Wrestler. Looking great in her customized bimbo dress.
Stesha looking fab in her Olala dress
UK based dance troop in their customized batz outfits
Girls in their dribbles outfits
Roxy and Steph
Customised Corkers Dresses
Kelly looking Lush
Twisted Bliss Dance troop in school Range
Katie in her branded tush :)
Leanne in her raunchy rara :)
Love this..Kelsey, stunning in her nympho outfit :) x
Raunchy Rara
Gemma in her hussiz outfit
Tenza with her funki-b style. Performing in Gambia
Tenza In racer :)
Rebel Yell (wrestler) Stunning in her branded tartiz set
Working with Digital Dolls
Digital Dolls in their personalized outfits
Viliyanee super hot in her unique colour combos
Kerry fab in her Burlesque outfit
Kelly In her branded HoodpantZ
Vicky and girls Promoting Bounce event by Sopranos.
Racheal in her customized harlequin outfit.
Stunninh in the dribbles outfit.
HTID dancers in Adrenaline
Envy Gogo Team
Megan and Karis.. Hot in there BaggiZ sets
Our promo laydee Justine ;)
Working with Digital Dolls to provide them with fully customized clothing
EVEN NIKKI MINAJ.. loves our fluffy hooded shrugs
The IN-OV-8 dancers xx
Digital Dancers
BUMS!! Cheecky shot of the Digital Dolls in Funki Sailor outfits
Pirate Ruffles
Fantastic shot... glows like a good un!
Bionic Racer Ravers
Gorgeous in Rainbow splodge tush outfits
Nickin Minaj.. Loving Funki-B fluffy hooded shrugs
Wow.. Super UV
Kate.. stunning in her dribbles set
Gorgeous Beth in her Unique DungZ
Michelle at Decadance Stunning
USA ladies looking stunning
Justine :)
Badass Dancers
Stunnin pic from our girl Justine
Emma Stage Invader
Sarah In her funki hen night outfit
Billie and Abi.. stunning ladies.