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NortiNix Fish Hoody 4pc W/K

NortiNix Fish Hoody 4pc W/K Price: £55.00
UK Postage: £4.50
Overseas Postage: £12.95


NortiNix 4 Piece

Secodary: Khaki

We only have small hole fishnet available in white, hotpink, khaki, turquoise, red and black.

You can view these on our colours page.

Fishnet cropped hoody, can be made full length.

Threaded bikini top with tie back and neck. 

NortiNix skirt with gathered frill. This skirt has built in knickers, can be made with frenchiz or shorts on request.
Skirt length in the photo 7 inch.

Thigh high lycra legs.

Fabric:  Four way stretch lycra and faux fur.

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